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Triumph is proud to announce the introduction of its first ever sunglass, produced in collaboration with the iconic and recently relaunched sunglass brand Renauld.

Through the Sixties, Renauld produced some of the most stylish and sought-after frames by the racing fraternity both on four wheels and two. Even Elvis was photographed on his bike sporting his Sixty-One’s.

Triumph have commissioned 61 pairs of this iconic sunglass which will be made in the rare and lustrous silvery-white metal Palladium, first discovered in 1803 by the English chemist William Hyde Wollaston.

The distinctive and swept back frame wears optically perfect and glare-proof wraparound UV400 performance lenses made by Divel Italia and have been cut to a slightly deeper than usual 45mm to better protect from the wind, as well as the sun, while riding.

This special edition of the Sixty-One features exclusive Triumph badging and will only be made available for the 2023 season.

The sunglass comes with an exclusive leather case, also subtly embossed with the Triumph logo, a lens cloth together with a certificate of authenticity and a Renauld Triumph commemorative booklet.

The Triumph Sixty-One is ready to order for March 2023 delivery today

Sizing Dimensions

Hinge to hinge across the brow bar = 14.1cm 

Arm length from hinge to first arm bend = 8.5cm

Depth of the lens = 4.6cm from top of the brow bar to the bottom of the lens at the widest point