Renauld Rosso Palladium

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The Rosso™ is being recreated for the first time in 55 years. It is a sleeker and lighter iteration of the Rossano. Borrowing the distinctive brow bar from the Rossano™, but without the quarterlight side panels, the Rosso is suitable for both men and women.

The Palladium Rosso is equipped with optically perfect and glare-proof UV400 performance wraparound lenses made by Divel Italia. A choice of three lens colours - brown, green or blue – is available.

For 2023, across all colourways, a total of only 100 Rosso numbered frames will be handcrafted in Italy. 

Your Rosso sunglass will come with a newly designed Renauld leather case and signed certificate of authenticity.


Sizing Dimensions

Hinge to hinge across the brow bar  = 14.1cm 

Arm length from hinge to first arm bend = 8.5cm

Curve of the lenses is base 10 

Depth of the lens = 4.6cm from top of the brow bar to the bottom of the lens at the widest point